Meet Durotan!

POSTED BY Dawn Patrick-Brown 11/10/2018 in MarketingNews,
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Meet our Official Origins LAN doge!

Photo by Oda Jessen 🙂

Durotan is a 10 month old living meme and certified goodboi. He enjoys a good meme, and his owner, Carlos, says that he doesn’t even have to TRY to make them – they just flow naturally from inside him all the time!

Durotan loves all snacks, especially tasty ones, and very especially whatever YOU happen to be eating right now. What are you eating? That. That’s his favourite.

This will be Durotan’s very first LAN party and he’s heckin’ excited! He hopes that everyone will come to say hello to him and give him a few head scritches (his very favourite thing EVER… besides snacks, which are also his favourite thing ever…).

During the event, if you make a really fun meme of Durotan, you could win a little prize, so come and meet our official doge and try your hand at generating the next great meme!