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POSTED BY Dawn Patrick-Brown 02/10/2017
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«Is it safe for my son or daughter of 12-16 years of age to go alone to The Gathering:ORIGINS?»


Who is running the event?

The Gathering:ORIGINS is arranged by KANDU in partnership withNorgesexpo AS, (Spillexpo) and Norges Varemesse.

KANDU has arranged The Gathering  at the Viking Ship in Hamar for over 20 years and every year, every year we have over 300 volunteers working to make sure everything works and that our participants are happy.

Norgesexpo AS has almost 10 years of experience in organizing large events and has had over 20,000 visitors.


How is safety?

At The Gathering: ORIGINS and Spillexpo, safety is always on our mind. With nearly 20,000 visitors each year, this is a given. Therefore, we have a large number of professional security guards in place, as well as a large group of security-trained volunteers. The police will routinely visit during the three days we are running, and we have professional healthcare personnel on crew, just in case. Overall, this makes Spillexpo and The Gathering: ORIGINS a safe child- and youth-friendly place.


Hva er Dataparty?

The Gathering: ORIGINS is an event where everyone is welcome. Participants are free to take part in video gaming, creative competitions, board games or just sitting and visiting with their friends. With a LAN ticket, full access to SpillExpo is included, so partipants can take some time to go through and take part in all the fun activities and shows that are available there, too. With the dataparty pass, they will have full access to the whole of SpillExpo all weekend.


What happens if…?

To send your son or daughter to The Gathering:ORIGINS might make you a feel a little uncertain. It’s a big data party with lots of people, and that can naturally leadou to have some questions to ask us. It The Gathering:ORIGINS safe? How do we contact our son or daughter during the event? Will they be able to buy food? What about sleeping facilities? Are there enough showers and toilets? What happens if…?

Although The Gathering:ORIGINS and SpillExpo cannot provide any personal guarantee for individuals during the event, we can assure you that we are doing our best to ensure that our participants have a great weekend and that you get them back home all in one piece, with a huge bag full of positive experiences to remember.


Is there anywhere to eat?

There are several outlets serving food at Norges Varemesse. These follow the Norwegian guidelines that apply to the operation of public food service. There are also several restaurants and dining venues in Lillestrøm that are open. Access to food at The Gathering: ORIGINS is no problem.

Is it possible to bring outside food and drink into Norges Varemesse?

Participants at the LAN are alowed to bring food in from Rema 1000, which can be found on Canalveien 1, Lillestrøm (right around the corner).


How are the sleeping facilities?

Sleeping facilities will be «camp style» – we have space available in a big, secure space. We recommend that you send a foam or inflatable matress/underlay, sleeping bag and pillow for sleeping on.

Can they shower? Are there enough toilets?

Yes, there are plenty of both! Regularly maintaned showers will be available on-site for participants, and there are plenty of toilets as well.


Ved spørsmål om opplevelsen The Gathering:ORIGINS så send mail, eller ring Sturla Frøyland tlf 93227867,