Frequently asked questions

POSTED BY Dawn Patrick-Brown 01/10/2017

Information about The Gathering: ORIGINS


When, where, how much?

The Gathering:ORIGINS will take place in Lillestrøm at Norges Varemesse. Doors open at 12:00 noon on Friday, November 10th and we will be open until 17:00 on Sunday, November 12th.

This year’s event has a limited number of tickets. The ticket price is 995kr and includes a full weekend pass to SpillExpo (value 550kr).


How do I buy tickets?

We are selling tickets through The Gathering’s usual ticket system, GeekEvents. If you are already registered, you can log in with your existing username and password.


What methods can I use to pay for the tickets?

You can use either debit card or Visa to pay immediately, or you can use giro/online banking (KID number).  If you use the giro/KID method, be sure to pay the bill as soon as possible because it can take several days for the bank to transfer payment to the system.


How do I book seating?

Once the seat layout is opened, you will be able to reserve a place via Geekevents. The best way to know when that will happen is to follow the event on Facebook. We will release information through the page as it is needed.


How old should you be to attend The Gathering: ORIGINS?

There is no age limit on The Gathering: ORIGINS. If you plan to attend with family or friends, then your age doesn’t matter, but if you’re coming alone, our general rule is that you must be able to take care of yourself. The police require that everyone under the age of 16 bring a consent form from parents/guardians. The consent form is available upon request.


How many tickets can each person buy?

Each person can buy up to five tickets.


When do I get my ticket?

The ticket is digital so you will not receive any paper copies of tickets before the data party starts. Details on how to check in at The Gathering: ORIGINS will come later.


Does this TG replace Easter?

Absolutely not!
The Gathering will definitely continue to be held at Easter. The Gathering: ORIGINS is a brand new, smaller, and more exclusive event that we are arranging in concert with our friends at SpillExpo. Many participants have requested that we offer something to do outside of the Easter holidays, and we have heard their requests. We are holding this more compact, more exclusive computer event in the Oslo area to answer the call for this kind of event from our participants.


Where do I keep up to date or find more information?

Visit our website or Facebook group page regularly to keep up to date. You can also keep an eye on KANDU’s Facebook page for updated info. Also, you can go to GamesExpo‘s homepage to get more info about both events.


At The Gathering: ORIGINS

How much space do you get?

80 cm in width and 60 cm in depth.


Can I bring a shelf and build it in my place?

Yes, as long as it meets the safety rules for constructions, which will be published later.


Can I bring speakers?

Due to the smaller size of the LAN and the fact that we will be working closely with our friend at SpillExpo only small PC speakers are allowed.


How much power will each person receive?

You can only use one (1) amps, but, don’t worry. Even if you have a monster of a computer this will be more than enough power. However, this means that you are not allowed to bring kettles, refrigerators or other similar items. To keep your drink cold, we recommend bringing a cooler bag with cooling blocks, or place the drink right on the floor. The concrete is quite cool.


Can I bring a refrigerator, waffle iron, coffee maker or other appliances?

No, this will blow the fuses for all the people on your row, which generally puts other people in a bad mood.


Are there any kettles, microwaves or similar at The Gathering: ORIGINS?

Yes, there will be a separate area where you can warm up food and drink. There will be kettles and microwave ovens provided.


Do I have to bring my own chair?

No, there are chairs available for each space. However, you can bring your own chair or sofa if you want – just make sure it doesn’t block the escape routes. It should be small enough that it doesn’t block people’s passage between the rows.


What happens if any of my equipment is stolen or broken at The Gathering: ORIGINS?

The Gathering: ORIGINS is not responsible for any financial loss directly or indirectly linked to the event. We have not had any major issues with theft earlier, and we do not expect any differences this time. However, we strongly recommend that you have your own items insured with appropriate travel insurance, just in case.


Is this an esports / gaming event?

Not really. The Gathering:ORIGINS will be a good mix of laid-back entertainment, social fun, creativity and gaming. There will be competitions in gaming, but no big cash prizes.


Will there be any activities offered?

Absolutely! There will be game fun and activities, as well as easy entertainment in the evenings (no big concerts!).